I was there I can say that, the day Stevie G was confirmed as Rangers manager. It was epic, let me tell you.

This had all the excitement of a match day and a big name signing of years gone by. What stuck me most was the amount of kids in the stadium, outside waiting for the gates to open I got talking to a man who only came as his son asked him, we’ve missed that for too long.

I must admit at first I was a little scared about the appointment but after seeing his press conference and the way he conducted himself, throw in the level of worldwide media storm it created I am all in on Stevie G. No experience required.

This is a man who has played at the very highest level, he knows what it takes in every aspect, he has played under some great managers and some fraudsters, we all know who. The fact he never won a league title at Liverpool was due to no fault of his own, it was down to the club he showed loyalty beyond any reasonable doubt to not providing him the pieces required to finish the job, both on and off the pitch in key areas.

I asked for a winner, he is just that. A real leader of men, one who will not melt under the pressure or expectation of a club like ours, he gets it. We won’t see him looking for self-pity or feeling sorry for himself after defeats, they will happen, but he knows it’s how you respond to it that counts. There was no sound bites or cheap talk it was all business, something previous managers have lacked.

I am all in, it won’t be all plain sailing and patience is needed.

All aboard now, next stop 55.


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