After Rangers laboured for another 90 minutes picking this time, Allan McGregor could hardly contain his annoyance.

As a result of the goalie’s good work this day (by some distance the man of the game and looking a bit more like his usual self) Rangers managed to come away from Dingwall with the triumph because otherwise, this one could have been a painful loss, especially if Billy McKay had had his way.

But McGregor’s post-match interview betrayed his feelings and he was far from pleased with the 10 guys facing him, as his brief and slightly sarcastic answers to Luke Shanley demonstrated.

But his face told the complete story, and he looked anything but happy, which honestly is the standard we expect from authentic Rangers guys and true champions who anticipate better than the rot that is set within this year.

McGregor has not been at his best since the new deal, and we have been vocal in stating that, and we are convinced an honest guy like he would look in the mirror and know he could have done better at times, but now he had been the motive, aside Kent’s goal, of course, that Rangers managed to pick up a win for the first time in what feels like forever.

He just was not happy at all in the level of input he had had to put in to achieve this against a side of the extreme quality of Ross County.

The home side really put Rangers into the sword for nearly all the second half before Kamberi gradually influenced a turnaround followed by Jones’ introduction indicates the reduced level of the visitors’ performance, and how exposed we were for vast swathes of the game.

Ross County, keep in mind, is likely the league’s worst side in shape, even if they were not the outright bottom group, and so for such a gloomy outfit to really threaten to beat Rangers might really have been the last straw for Steven Gerrard.

As it worked out, Rangers have McGregor (and Kent) to thank you for getting the win.

Just don’t expect the goalie to be happy about that.