I will get right to the point.

The perpetual jogger, who’s just too great to break into a run contrary to the so-called poorer teams in the league, has been a huge let down last night.

The guy who’s amazing at just being constantly on the wrong side of the park to get the ball, or to do a tackle.

The guy who’s always too far in front in a corner to get his head to the ball.

The guy that’s too good a player to become involved with actually encouraging his teammates.

Long before we dropped the first goal I was sick and tired of seeing Aribo running away in the drama once the ball appeared to get anywhere close to him, or hiding in the penalty box, and making it difficult for anyone to pass the ball.

Two seconds after Aribo is half away from the pitch, giving Ryan Kent no aid at all.

The ball is in our penalty box, so do not worry. Aribo will find a way to pass the ball into the opponent player or do nothing to encourage anybody else in defending the goal.

In this game, he did the least work of anyone in our group, and that’s why our assault was useless. He was supposed to be an integral part of the attack!

We’re playing two banks of five, and if one player considers himself too good to really do some of the hard work then we’ve got a significant issue. Morelos cannot play seven defenders all by himself.

.even though it was clear his heart wasn’t in it, and it has not been in it to the past four games.

So, we must be honest. Celtic are constant, and there’s absolutely not any way they’ll throw this away.

The year’s over. So, Gerrard, don’t hesitate to now experiment as much as you desire. The only thing I won’t ever understand is why you changed a winning formula.