Defoe started his career at West Ham in 1999, and following a short loan spell at Bournemouth, he was able to establish himself as the club’s first choice striker.

Defoe passed in a transfer request in less than 24 hours later that outcome, which the team refused, as well as the striker, was bombarded with criticism from fans and pros alike because of his disloyalty.

The prior England global finally apologised, but ended up linking Tottenham in February 2004 following a disappointing spell in the Championship.

“When I look back at it today, I believe I was possibly naive at the moment,” Defoe informed Sky Sports whilst remembering his activities in West Ham.

“It felt as though I had been at college knocking the headmaster’s door. When I saw someone do this today I would be like, ‘Wow, that is odd, you should not do this’.

“As a young player, you shouldn’t ever request to leave the soccer club and hand in a transport request.

“I talked to my agent at the moment. He said to me personally and my loved ones, that is something which you have to do since you would like to be playing in the Premier League and if you reside in a transfer request it gives you a better opportunity to depart the club.

“I must have turned around and asked more questions such as, ‘Can I actually have to do this?’ Because if somebody wanted me they would come and get me.”

“Obviously it turned out to be a huge regret. It is honesty in the heart, but that I simply didn’t understand what I had been doing at the moment. I felt as though I had been in my own.

“All of the pole which I obtained after was about me, not the broker or anybody else.

“From the newspaper is my head onto a rat. Previous to this, everything from the trunk pages is of me scoring goals and it was nice and good, but all of a sudden you are coping with this and it is something entirely different for me.”

Defoe, who plies his trade in Scotland with Rangers, proceeded to show he had the opportunity to combine Juventus in 2009 after determining to leave Portsmouth.

The 37-year-old chose to return to Tottenham for £15 million instead of sticks to Italy, but he admits to being flattered by the attention from among the world’s most important clubs in the moment.

When asked how he responded after being advised by his representative that Juve were pursuing his trademark, Defoe responded: “I was like, ‘Wow, really?’ I was chuffed a huge soccer club such as Juventus desired me.

“It would be big visiting another league; I have always been convinced and felt like when I move there I’d move there and score goals.

“However, I wanted to return to Tottenham. I didn’t wish to leave there in the first place, so naturally, I would like to return home.”