A rumoured new manager coming in should give you a boost right?

Not to this group of spineless individuals.

Yesterday again at Parkhead we were second or third best to every ball, another embarrassment of a performance. This was shameful. Again we talked the talk, but can’t walk the walk.

Even at half time our senior professionals could not manage to string together a plan, show some self-worth and pride, get a grip of things. We showed nothing in the second half. Celtic taking their foot off the gas was our saving grace. My frustration has boiled over to anger with this squad I really don’t know where to start.

The board, shame on you for thinking a youth team coach could see you through the season, all this despite every shred of evidence saying he was incapable of the task presented to him. Murty can’t motivate or coach, he listens to himself and himself only, my only hope is by the time you read this he has been removed from his duties, for his and all Rangers fans’ sake.

No amount of fake clapping or coaching courses can hide your self-pity and I don’t wear it, get out my club and get out now. I don’t feel sorry for you in any way. You were presented with an opportunity to coach a massive club and what have you done? Shat the bed. Remember that scene from Trainspotting? That’s Murty.

The players, we can’t transform a squad in one window but every single one if you should be ashamed, you have downed tools with the manager. I would not feel once of disappointment if none of you pull on the light blue again, you can all go. Every single one of you. So called senior pros have shown game after game that they can’t cope with the pressures of this great club. Leave and leave now.

It can be salvaged, next season this one has gone. Good contacts, coaching, man management,people skills and some form of personality is what is needed now.

Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you on the way out, the lot of you.