Now, I don’t expect a letter from Mensa or NASA to be phoning me offering me a role heading up the Mars project anytime soon, but with people like Michael O’Halloran around that call may just be closer than I think. O’Halloran not only displays all the common sense of a traffic cone, he clearly thinks the Rangers support is as thick and gullible as he is.

On Saturday he chose to attend the Scottish Cup final between Motherwell and Celtic in the Celtic end, merely saying that out loud would be enough for most people to bin the idea. The fact he decided to do so, thinking he could avoid any sort pictures or attention in doing so stinks of one thing and one thing only, a player trying to work his ticket out of our club.

His agent gave an excuse as weak as O’Halloran in a tackle, he was there to watch Motherwell and did not realise he would be surrounded by Celtic fans, yeah right. In a completely unrelated subject, I once went to the strippers and I couldn’t believe my eyes there were girls in there with no tops on, in my defence I had no idea.

Why didn’t he just stay in the house and watch it in his beloved Celtic top? He wanted to be seen, simple as that, then he can’t say he was forced out of Ibrox. Poor old him.

This is a player who has not tried a leg for us since moving here, his demeanour has all the look of a POW, captured and forced into a career at the biggest club he will ever play at. I don’t know one person who cared about his religion or the team he clearly supports over his paymasters. No, it’s his lack of application on the park and his actions on Saturday that has the blood boiling for many fans.

He is now completely irrelevant, in every sense, after all, he failed to shine on loan at St Johnstone earlier this season, a club at which he was very familiar with the surroundings and playing style. I doubt he will make a lasting impact anywhere of a decent standing. Rangers gave him the perfect opportunity to showcase his talent, at the time of his signing we were crying out for some pace, a different alternative to what we already had in the squad, what we have got is it thrown back in our faces, by a very ungrateful player.

I can’t see any future for O’Halloran at Ibrox, his form has simply not warranted it. What should we do with him is the question. Pay him off, allowing him the freedom to move to a rival club? Or keep him, make him turn up every day in a Rangers suit, fine him for not wearing Rangers boxers or socks could be a novel way of reviving some of the wages he would cost.

I think his time left at our club will be measured in weeks, rather than years, and no tears will be shed by me, but treating the supporters and club with the level of ignorance shows exactly what type of man he is.

After all, that’s been four Rangers managers that have all refused to play him, it’s maybe just an attitude problem on his part. The penny never seems to drop for him, however.

Beware any potential employers. You are welcome to the waste of space.

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