Rangers players, staff and executive directors have taken the extraordinary measure of deferring their salary for three months in order to ensure the jobs of other staff around the club.

In an inspiring turn of events, Rangers say the unanimous decision to defer the salary comes with the players themselves eager to protect non-playing staff and the club’s future.

This will help alleviate the financial strain of weeks without football and make certain that no-one at Ibrox goes through economic hardship in this period.

“Rangers can affirm that First Team players, Manager, coaches, and Executive Directors have volunteered to have a salary deferral for another three months,” reads a Rangers announcement.

“Senior staff and players were keen to ensure that no employee endured financial hardship during this crisis.

“All parties volunteered and wholeheartedly agreed to defer salaries to ensure that fellow colleagues could continue to be paid their salaries in full.

“We’re proud of the direction and responsibility taken by senior members of staff and acknowledge the positive impact that this will have on everyone at Rangers.”

However, the club is committed to topping up wages where necessary to ensure that everybody gets 100% of their pay packet in this difficult period.

The steps come as increasing coverage in some sections of the Scottish media seemed to heap unnecessary pressure on the Ibrox club.

Rangers have been taking their time to reach the perfect resolution and the club deserves credit for keeping this in-house until such time as was necessary.

The club has also said that “we will continue to review actions required to navigate our way responsibly in such a changeable environment.”