An episode evolved in Braga and it apparently showed an important character of Ianis Hagi.

Deep into the second half, the attacker had pretty much the run of the Braga half after a great through ball. As he ran onto the ball, he was caught by the defender and outmuscled him.

This was a massive moment in understanding Ianis Hagi’s strengths and weaknesses.

His strengths are his trickery, ability, creativity, attitude, flexibility, equilibrium, and workrate.

His weakness is most likely the reason that despite his apparent quality, he was not able to procure a regular first-team football in Belgium, speed.

As the stopper outran him despite Hagi with the head start, the Romanian international demonstrated the largest portion of his game to be a hamstring on his profession, the fact he strangely lacks horsepower.

Of course, this is absolutely no bad thing, one of the most talented players ever, Johan Cruyff essentially lacked any sort of pace whatsoever he made up for this with pure quality, skill, and creativity.

You do not have to be fast to be great.

However, the game has moved on a bit since the 70s, and while Hagi is a excellent talent with imagination and skill in prosperity, his lack of speed is a larger crutch to endure for him than it was for the illustrious Dutch ace back in the afternoon.

It’s definitely a weakness in his place, attacking midfield, with this additional yard sometimes being the difference between getting your pass or taken away, or being shut down.

However, he can make up for it with close control, link play, and off-ball running. He makes room for others. And his English is excellent meaning he communicates. He is taken to water like a duck to Rangers and the SPL.

Hagi’s current form, however, was a modest middling (not unlike the entire group ), after such a bright beginning. We love his attitude, and He’s never hidden and endeavours.

However, for such a gifted player to be on a trial loan in Ibrox instead of being a surefire starter at Genk or really any bigger club than the Belgians is probably because his pace could be greater.

But it might still lead to Rangers getting a deal registering, and if used properly, the livewire forward could be a very special player really.