Iron sharpens Iron, remember that.


Now I don’t want to get to carried away following Fridays nights thumping 6-0 victory over Bury at Ibrox. For the first time in a while, not only did Rangers resembled a well coached and motivated side, all the players knew their roles. It was the real sight to behold.

Yes, I know Bury are miles behind in their preparation and ability. But, it was the sheer manner of how they won. There were goals from all over, players following up plays, and are you sitting down for this one, even a goal from a….corner. What is going on at the Hummel Training Centre? Is Steven Gerrard actually coaching this group? Have the players responded to a man of his stature, iron sharpening iron?


Thursday night will prove the first real test. One I expect the manager to celebrate goals, and be suited and booted for. After all, the season starts now. I can’t predict with utmost confidence what will happen. When the players cross the white lines in a competitive fixture, one thing is clear and certain. We are far better prepared and coached than at this stage last season. There are many more editions still to be added. The squad and manager are still learning on the job after all.

What’s to come?

What I witnessed on Friday night only strengthened my belief that Steve G will prove successful. Yes, we need more overall quality, but in a short space of time,┬áhe has raised the squad’s expectations. The standards have been upped, and expectation levels lifted. The players have without question bought into the new man’s ways.

This is no snake oil salesman or youths coach searching for pity, as he chews his zip on the sideline. No, this is a man of standing and reputation. He knows what he is doing and entrusts the people he has brought with him. Players sit up when he enters the room, his reputation commands that.

After all, iron sharpens iron. Let’s go.

Steven Harrigan