“I’m on a mission from God” – Jake Elwood. 


Another week and another ex-player linked with a return to Rangers. All I’m waiting for is Dave King to say he’s putting the band back together.

This time it’s in the form of none other than Kyle Lafferty. A player signed for big outlay during Walter Smith’s second spell, and played all in about six decent games in four years, mostly after the hard work was all but done. His goals might have clinched titles, but he did nothing in helping secure them when the going got tough for me.

Too often he was found getting involved in things that he shouldn’t have or that a Rangers player really has no need to, rise above it. What I’m sorry to say is since leaving us I have seen no evidence to refute this claim, only further strengthened by the journeyman and nomadic-like career he has since carved out.

This is a player who was not good enough then, and despite what many say was hardly a standout player in a poor Hearts side. It is lazy scouting at its best and in my mind, I would rather invest the money elsewhere than some vanity project in the hope he might finally fulfill his potential. Move on and past this man. He may well be a Rangers fan, but so am I. And you wouldn’t want me running about come Saturdays, not with my knees.

I understand why we are going for him, I do. We are looking for striking options and ones that are both cheap and can score goals in this league. Lafferty fits that bill, he is not frightened of them across the city and would no doubt revel in the heat of an old firm battle, I just feel there must be better options available at the reported cost.


This is a player whose only guarantees in his career so far have been turmoil and inconsistency. We need more than that right now. His ratio of around a goal every four games is hardly something we are looking for or is worth having.

Last season his ratio was a paltry 12 in 35 league matches, all the while playing as the main focal point of the attack. Lafferty fails to hold the ball up well enough to play a lone striker on a consistent enough basis, giving away needless free kicks time after time.

Yes, there is a player in there, but we neither have the time or patience for one who, let’s face it, has squandered his opportunity so far. What would be different this time around I ask?

This film has more the feel of a John Goodman than John Belushi to me.

As always get in touch. Yes or no?

Steven Harrigan