Steven Gerrard last week started his new job as manager of Rangers, the world’s most successful football club. Almost immediately it was meet by a string of positive and equally negative spur of attacks from people in the media. The Rangers haters, picking on everything from the quote of let’s go, to the lack of managerial experience that Gerrard possesses.

One of the things that has been held against Gerrard is the fact he has never won a league title as a player. Personally I find this ridiculous and outrageous claim, it is only designed to damage our spirit as supporters once more.

Let’s get one thing straight Steven Gerrard was never the reason Liverpool did not win a league title, he is the single reason they even held any hopes of winning one since the Liverpool’s last in 1991. His superhuman like performances, in both a Champions League final and in an FA Cup final are amongst the best I’ve ever been privileged to see in football.

Gerrard was simply pivotal more so than any other player. A leader of men who players and rivals alike still hold in the highest respect possible.

Make no mistake about the job he has accepted, patience will be needed and time given. This is a club virtually dismembered and dismantled by poor management and weak-minded staff, horrendous personal/ recruitment, Players at odds with the previous manager, no single leadership or sense of direction a group fragmented in every sense.

It is of much importance to me that Stevie G is in charge of everything, he must have the final say on all things if this is to work, he can and will I’m sure work with Mark Allen but for things to turn out positively, one man must be in charge.

Managers can’t control the result, they can control how their teams prepare to win the game, we will be better prepared this season, last year was simply not acceptable in terms of preparation for to many games, Gerrard knows what is needed in this area having played at the very highest level under different types of manager’s.

Past managers tactics and systems played into the hand of our opponents, I see that changing we will adopt a more pressing game and will be tactically more flexible.

The previous manager tried to be someone he was not, the players seen through it and exposed him.

Real competitiveness is realised when playing an opponent of similar or slightly better ability, we should be dominating games when you have a greater level of skill, it’s just down to application. Something that has sadly been lacking for us.

I think that will change. Let’s go!