Once a Ranger always a Rangers, is a famous phrase.

Richard Gough, Ally McCoist, Brian Laudrup Ian Durrant, Paul Gascoigne and Sandy Jardine, are to name just a few players that should have retired as players of Glasgow Rangers but did not, for one reason or another.

Now I am not for one minute suggesting that we should have prolonged the careers of many who were by that stage, let’s put it bluntly, past it. No, I’m just suggesting we sign them to one day contacts as a token of our appreciation and allow them to retire a Ranger.

In the NFL they allow players to sign just this type of contract, making sure any player who has been beloved, or had his highest accolades achievements at any particular club sign exactly this type of deal. I’m a fan.

It not only allows the player in question to retire as a Ranger, it gives the fans a chance to show their appreciation for a player whose final years may not have been spent at Ibrox. Let’s start a trend.

This does not have to involve any monetary values it is simply a way of allowing a player to retire in the place where he was either loved the most, or where he felt most at home.

I’m surprised that no club has offered one day contacts, I am aware there may be an issue with player registrations but it is nothing more than for show, giving the player in question and fans a chance to say goodbye. It’s just the right thing to do.

The NFL has used this in practice for many years, only last week the team I follow the Chicago Bears did this with two players who had not donned the orange and blue for over two seasons.

I would like the club to accept the Bayern Munich model as well, one where ex-players are welcome and encouraged to join the current group for lunch and around the training facility, It helps breed success and the ex-pros are always on hand to offer some friendly advice, creating a family atmosphere and us against the world mentality.

We need that now.

Steven Harrigan