Now he is away having made a nice wee profit for the club I will go ahead and say it. Josh Windass has the type of potential that gets coaches fired!

Quite simply put, Josh was one of the most frustrating players I have ever been forced to endure in a Rangers jersey, his ability was never in question, finding any sort of consistency was.

I know many of his fans, and his dad, will no doubt point to his display and goal against Celtic last season as all the evidence they need to base a counter argument around, claiming he was a player for the bigger games and stages. Well, I’m not having that, neither was Steven Gerrard, and he sure knows a lot more about football than me.

We all seen the training clips of his great finishing, sadly that is where it stayed more often than not. I wish him all the best but you can’t tell me he is off to bigger and better things. What he can do now is play without pressure and in a league where having a good game in three will earn you a stern reputation, even possibly that big money move he and his dad feel his talent deserves.

I’m not going to get into the way he conducted himself on social media or the sooshing of the fans, some of this stuff is quite simply a lack of maturity on the players part, something hopefully he can learn from going forward, for his sake.

My gripes are quite simply what he did or rather didn’t bring on the park. At times his body language was all to telling, not having the work rate to play in the number 10 role, making it very easy for teams to play through us in the transition phases of the game, or having the clinical finishing to make any sort of claim for his desired number 9 role, or even failing to possess the final ball or tactical awareness to play in wide areas. Where would he fit in at Ibrox ?.

Especially with the high pressing system, the new manager wants us to play. This was something that would have seen Windass left out more often than not. We simply can’t afford to have passengers or luxury players at this stage.

What Windass did become was a problem that was not worth the hassle or time that would have to be afforded to him, he is not good enough for us to have built the side around, therefore the situation that has transpired is best for all concerned in my eyes.

In his time at the club, we amassed a total of 0, that’s nada major trophies and beat our Old Firm rivals not once. Hardly great reading. My hope is that we use the money taken in from Josh’s sale to bring someone who will allow us to rectify that.

I will end by wishing Windass all the best for the future and thanking him for his efforts, but sooner or later he has to realise that potential after all prospects are suspect until proving otherwise.

Or more managers may just face the same fate as others who have installed their trust in him before.