Man of the Match?

No way.

That’s just not going to happen.

After the semi-final, when writing an article for the Rangers man of the match, I chose the fans. They are the only people who deserve any praise this time around as well. But it won’t make any difference to how anyone feels after that performance.

I’m sure some will try to stay positive. It’s the default position I usually take. Jak Alnwick made some good saves in an attempt to keep the score down. Jason Holt put in a real shift, unlike most of his teammates. Taken in complete isolation, there were some nice passes and moments. They led to nothing, though, and were all too fleeting. You also simply can’t consider them as anything more than an overall shambles.

So yet again, the fans are being awarded man of the match. Anyone who attended, watched or even has to think about that game today are worthy of praise. The management team and players will be feeling sore after that one. It’s true to say that the maesure of anyone is when things are going poorly. What sort of fight and effort you put in to turn things around will tell everyone what they need to know. That may sound a little melodramatic in the context of football, but it’s true of any scenario. A lot of the time, circumstance dictates just how much energy and ability you have to make things better. In the case of Rangers right now, there’s no excuse for the capitulation of recent weeks. I wouldn’t expect to see the best of everyone in the current climate. We can, and should demand far more than we’ve been offered.

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