Rangers must go shopping with due care and attention

In the past few years, the trend of shopping at so-called discount supermarkets has become a trend. They offer value for money, whilst at the same time providing a quality product. This is what Rangers must do in order to once again compete at the top-level in Scotland. No longer can we shop at Waitrose.

When the new manager comes in, no matter who he is, he must work with the director of football in identifying talent at a reduced budget than our cross city rivals. We must use our cash wisely and efficiently, make sure the players chosen have not only the skill level required but the mental attributes that are required to perform for a club like Rangers, the imeasurables if you like.

It can be done. Yes, global scouting has made it far more difficult to extort talent or find so-called hidden gems. When buying from England prices always seem somewhat inflated due the level of finances available at all levels in comparison to the game in Scotland. That is where a man who can not only identify but can coach up a group or squad of players comes in to play.

Many names have been branded about for the job, I would much rather focus on the qualities and attributes that any potential candidate can bring. We need a hero, just who will be the man to shake and ship out this team from the apathy and constant in fighting, only time will tell.

The right man does not have to be a big splashy or flashy name, it can certainly be, however that is not what we need. Rangers is not a fashion brand, we are in the business of winning and have constantly failed to do so in recent times. I just hope the board pick someone who displays the characteristics we need in order to make progress.

This is a big summer for Rangers, I feel the board, new manager and director of football will not now be tied in either success or failure.

As the knight says at the end of Indiana Jones and the last crusade, pick wisely my son.

Who do you want?



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