Normally, this article would list each player and rate them based upon opinion, statistics and emotion. For example, I could allow the fact that Russell Martin won only 14% of his duels overall to affect his rating. Or that somehow, Dorrans was over 90% accurate with his passes. I could say that the saves by Alnwick meant that he deserved praise, or that the pass from Murphy to Holt in the first half was delightful. Espousing the lack of belief evident throughout the side through lowered ratings would have served a purpose. Trying to find any positive moments in a defeat like that may have been a worthwhile exercise.

But it’s not how this article is going to be. Despite the saves from Alnwick, and the work rate from Holt, and even some fight from Morelos, not one player deserves any sort of rating. They were nothing more than spectators, and showed less desire and pride than the fans who paid good money to attend. I have no sympathy today for them or anyone involved at Rangers who played a part in that. I’m sure they’re hurting, but they’ve got it pretty easy by comparison.

Instead, we’ll simply say that every player deserves a 1 out of 10, and it would be zero but for the fact they came out of the dressing room and went to the correct side of the pitch. Nothing else went correctly. The players had a real chance after the semi-final display to prove a lot of people wrong. Somehow, they contrived to be even worse than feared. The reasons for that need to identified quickly, because another summer of starting again would be disastrous.

There’s nothing else to be said, in truth.

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