David Blane, Dana White, Paris Hilton and Steven Harrigan all have one thing in common, we are all banned from entering casinos. Now, I am no card counter or street magician, no, I just spilt a fine pint of Guinness on a roulette table many years back and never appealed the decision, but if this current Rangers board do not get things right they may just be joining me and the others mentioned in being unwelcome in certain places. The board has gambled, not for the first time, and spun that roulette wheel, in a hope to stop our old firm rivals and restore this great club back to winning ways.

Personally, I don’t feel Steven Gerrard is a risk or a big a risk in terms of a management appointment. You only need to look at our previous four or five appointments to see Stevie G is an instant upgrade on what we had in place. No, my concern is rooted in our recruitment policy and the type of player we are going for. This board has changed their minds so many times on not only the profile and age of any potential new signings but in the shear direction and what they are looking for. My hope is that the new manager knows exactly the type of player and personality he wants in place and has the ability and stubbornness to enforce these views.

Of the new signings already in place I have been most impressed by Goldson, the boy will stroll it up here, I don’t expect too many things to bother him in terms of defending, you only have to look at the aerial duels he won in the match on Thursday night as an example, or his ball possession recovery, topping the Rangers side with a total of nine to see just where his strengths lie.

Our issues are once again all middle to front, too many chances passed up in good areas and not enough quality in either the final ball or finishing is an all too familiar story. A total of seventeen shots with only seven on target, then in all reality only one or two of them making trouble for the opposition keeper speaks volumes. Passing up chance after chance will cost us against a better level of opponent.

Let’s be clear here, we now have a proper manager and coaching staff in place at the club, they will see the same deficiencies and will no doubt be looking to eradicate them. This will not be turned around in one or even two transfer windows, patience is and will be required, bumps in the road will happen, and when they do, us a supporter base must remain calm and entrust the management to get it right in the end.

My hope is the board will allow Stevie G to roll the dice, rather than others, or they could be joining me in being persona non grata in some places, especially down Govan way.