Strings attached. Who’s pulling the strings at the SFA?

“ I’m a real boy now”, Pinocchio said to Geppetto.

If the SFA were being portrayed in this movie I think we all know who would play the puppet, and who would play the puppet master, pulling all the strings.

Pinocchio would be played by compliance officer Tony McGlennan, a man you had a better chance of seeing on the side of a milk carton, with missing teens and runaways in the days following an incident in a Scottish Premiership game. In the role of Geppetto is the bitter, twisted and utterly pathetic clubs who still seem to hold a personal grudge and vendetta against Rangers. They will not destroy us or break our spirit, we only gain in strength, numbers and resilience.

McGlennan has refused to get involved in a number of key incidents featuring Rangers this season, at times it has bordered on corrupt, at best it is sheer incompetence, or maybe “historic” charges will be brought against they perpetrators too. I’m not holding my breath, however.

The charges that have been set against our club is one the SFA have very little chance of winning, they know that but have still decided to press ahead, all to please the men pulling the strings. This is merely to damage the brand and undo much of the recent positivity surrounding us. Some may even call it corporate sabotage.

All this from the governing body who allowed men like Craig Whyte and Vlad Romanov, to name two, not only to operate in our game, but to run clubs for the benefit of themselves and not the supporters they are allegedly are here to serve. It seems Rangers fans don’t fall under the same rules as everybody else, we are being treated with a lack of respect and continually punished for the crimes of others.

The statement the club released shows this is not something we will take lying down or forget in a hurry. I am all for us serving our intention to withdraw from the Scottish Cup in protest, fight fire with fire, see how the sponsors and TV companies take that move. I realise some fans may not support this level or form of protest but I do feel it is required in order to show how much we feel aggrieved of our continued treatment.

Why now? Well, that is an answer we all know, quite simply and without a shred of doubt it is the bunch of usual Rangers-hating clubs, pandering to the obsessed element in their own supporter base, running scared at the progress we have made since being sent down the divisions and losing every bit of talent we possessed. That’s fear you can smell and it’s coming from offices at Hampden.

It’s not hard to see who is pulling all the strings in this move, my wish is that one day the hatred that consumes every choice they make will be gone, the strings cut loose and the boy that is the SFA finally becomes a man.

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