The news this week which Alfredo Morelos allegedly had to face someone who followed him home after grabbing him tampering with his car was hugely upsetting.

The specifics of this incident are unknown, with the ‘best-case’ situation being this clown was possibly hoping to put a tracking device onto Morelos’s Lamborghini within a plan to steal it at a later date. The worst-case scenario does not bear thinking about.

Now, we do not know as yet if this was true. Nevertheless, that somebody could get so near Morelos and his spouse with such simplicity at their residence is unsettling, to say the least.

If this was an individual who wished to do bodily injury to Morelos, it begs the question of who’d be to blame for the fostering of such a warped mindset which would result in such despicable actions?

There are bampots in this region of the world, as in most others, in the end. But there’ll be many others that will point to how Morelos has been depicted in the media and see this incident as the final result of a perceived effort against the striker.

That might not make those people who have reported on the striker directly accountable if a person takes it upon themselves to do damage to Morelos.

In soccer, there’s always a pantomime villain. The type of man you hate playing against you but would like to have on your team. I’m of the steadfast belief that nearly all stick Morelos gets out of the terraces falls within that category.

Morelos’s issues with ill-discipline draw such attention, as does the fact he’s quite good at sticking the ball in the pokey. His manager has discussed attempting to eliminate the petty flashpoints which all-too-frequently put Morelos firmly in the spotlight, and what’s more, in the rack when his team want him.

This season, his on-field behavior was improving marginally until a few current lapses, but the red cards in the Fir Park and Celtic Park fall into the’daft’ category, more than anything else. Like Leigh Griffiths pitching his tape in a Kilmarnock fan, it was a bit dumb, but nothing more than that.

It’s no way a justification for fans to racially abuse him, as is alleged to have occurred lately. Some lovers, as we know, however, are terrific ones for dishing out abuse before suddenly coming over as small hot-house orchards when a participant has a return.

At least part of the suspicion comes from a part of the Rangers service who feel disenfranchised in present-day Scotland, presuming the associations which were once aligned for their own political beliefs and legacy, the media, the authorities not to only now be in relation to their civilisation, but actively attacking it. That’s a generalisation, with different political beliefs present across the fanbase, but a glance at social networking or message boards will let you know this is not a view held only by conspiracy theorists on the fringes.

I can not speak for the SNP, but when there was a meeting inside the social websites about how we could all hound this child from Scotland, I must have been left out.

There has been coverage of Morelos which has left a lot to be desired. Drug references only because the participant comes from Colombia possibly, or strikes by pundits with affiliations to Celtic who have overstepped the mark and then some.

It all may seem benign knockabout stuff, part of the Scottish football soap opera and the continuous battle between Glasgow’s large two specifically. I don’t have any doubt such examples were meant to feed into that, as opposed to victimising the player.

But as incidents like the one that Morelos had to survive this week show, there’s absolutely no harm in the media reflecting upon our own location in all this, and really the harm which may be achieved as a result of such policy. We also know, after all, there are individuals out there who may take something they see in the newspapers or see in the information as justification for their more sinister views, and altogether more serious aims.

There’s been plenty to praise, and also a fair bit to criticise, by focusing only on what’s occurred in the park. Like the Rangers fans, we will miss him when he has gone.

Let us just hope that when that time comes, it’s because his abilities have attracted suitors from everywhere, as opposed to over fears for his family’s safety.