Rangers risk a huge squabble with the SPFL and all of its clubs if they continue with their present sponsorship dispute.

According to Dr Dan Plumley, despite being one of Scotland’s largest teams, they must exercise caution.

This comes after the 55-time champions sparked alarm in the SPFL, raising concerns that title sponsors will pull the plug on the arrangement.

The car brand was appointed as SPFL’s major sponsor last summer in an £8 million arrangement.

However, the league is said to be enraged that Rangers continue to flout the league’s sponsorship standards in order to promote their club partners.

Discussing this situation with Ibrox News, the Sheffield Hallam University expert said, “There is a big danger that they can upset other clubs in the league and other partners within the league, especially if some of the clubs aren’t getting paid and then they will blame that on Rangers.

“They could risk their relationship with the league. But, they know that they are a big draw in the league, a big brand, so they can be bullish about certain things.

“They still have to compete within that league and some of the money that they get will be from that league as well so you do have to tread carefully.

“Clubs always think that they can do things bigger and better but all the clubs have signed an agreement and they need each other to compete.

“So, yes, there could be a fallout with other clubs and whether or not they care about that, I don’t know.”

Cinch is said to have held crisis talks with the league in recent weeks because he is dissatisfied with the situation.

Rangers chairman Douglas Park has a used car company, and the team believes there are loopholes that allow it to from promoting cinch.

Kieran Maguire drops Europa League finance claim

Rangers’ failure to win the UEFA Europa League may result in an increase in matchday revenue, according to football finance expert Kieran Maguire!

Speaking with Football Insider, he claimed:

“They’ve missed out on £3.9m in prize money.

“But you also qualify for the European Super Cup. It would be a very high-profile tie against either Real Madrid or Liverpool that they have missed out on.

“Then there is also automatic qualification in next year’s Champions League. They finished runners-up in the Scottish Premiership so they could still go through the preliminary stages.

“So if they do make it to the group stages of the Champions League, they will actually lose very little.

“In fact, you could argue they would be even better off because you can sell out Ibrox a few more times in those preliminary rounds.”